How VANILLA is going to change the world of E-Drive assembly

Bye-bye assembly line!

Bye-bye assembly line!

While the concept of final assembly in automotive manufacturing has changed already, the fundamental change in powertrain assembly is still waiting for a breakthrough. Now VANILLA Automation has made the idea of flexible assembly systems für E-Drives affordable. While not a new idea – the industry is dreaming of this concept since decades – VANILLA Automation now shows an ultimate picture of a new modular assembly concept, and this system will soon find its way into the powertrain plants of the world.

VANILLA Transport System

Key element and ready for being launched is VANILLA´s new transport system with mobile robots. It’s part of the “VANILLA Standard,” where everything we need for the automated E-Drive assembly is a block of a modular set. The VANILLA standard provides all technologies of E-Drive assembly as a one-stop solution starting with a flexible mobile robot transport system. Our assembly systems are built from several independent modules which are connected with our flexible transport system. These independent assembly modules are a set of standardized assembly cells with customized tooling. Instead of a classic assembly line (series of stations), VANILLA´s individual modules and stations operate in an independent way. Our high economic robot transportation system moves components from one module to the next.

This production concept is predestined for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. The core idea of AI systems integration is making individual process steps interoperable with other components, such as production knowledgebases, in order to create larger, broader and more capable AI systems. In this way the modular assembly systems of VANILLA Automation help to handle the increasing model diversity and the uncertainty of annual production volumes of E-Mobility programs.

VANILLA’s assembly system based on independent modules: Bye-Bye, Assembly Line!

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