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Production system for E-Drive assembly

At the very beginning our focus was on the special requirements of customers in the E-Mobility production and the needs of the changing powertrain world. While sustainability became more and more important in the past, the ongoing powertrain transformation with its uncertainties regarding production volumes and its dynamic engineering phases demand new ideas for production equipment. A flexible but unique standard for the production of electrical drive units was born.


The innovative VANILLA standard and its scalable systems for automated E-Drive assembly are a global standard for our changing powertrain world, the future of assembly automation and new production technologies.


The production concept of VANILLA Automation is predestined for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. The core idea of AI systems integration is making individual process steps interoperable with other components, such as production knowledgebases, in order to create larger, broader and more capable AI systems.


Technology and Scaleability

  • Total costs reduced by up to 25%
  • Delivery time reduced up to 6 month
  • Reduced installation period and ramp up time
  • Maximum scalability & flexible modular stations
  • Step-by-Step investment
  • Reusability of standard modules for follow-up projects
  • Independent modules: Separate delivery and installation possible
  • Expansions with minimized production downtime
  • Retrofits and changes at lowest costs possible
  • Open data VANILLA Standard for connectivity with other supplier equipment (e.g. EOL tester)
  • Standard machines for straight maintenance and service
One Stop Solution

Standard cells and modules

The VANILLA standard provides all technologies of E-Drive assembly as a one-stop solution starting with a flexible mobile robot transport system. Our assembly systems are built from several independent modules which are connected with our flexible transport system. These independent assembly modules are a set of standardized assembly cells with customized tooling.

Vanilla Transport system

The flexible transport system of the VANILLA standard

VANILLA Automation provides all technologies of E-Drive assembly systems as a one-stop solution starting with a flexible transport system – the VMR300 – the VANILLA mobile robots with a payload class of 300 kilograms. As all machines, also this transport system is part of the VANILLA standard for automated E-Drive assembly and protected by industrial property rights.


With our innovative docking system, we are able to expand and connect new and existing production systems with an outstanding scalability in an economic way. Our robots transport parts and material in production plants and connect the modules of our assembly systems. SLAM based navigation on a virtual path and on flexible alternative routes ensure the use of production space in a most efficient way. A self-sufficient and well-tried fleet management software ensures an optimized cycle time process and a reduced number of necessary robots.

  • Solution for low- and high-volume projects
  • Ramp up solution (independent module installation and delivery)
  • Scalable systems (increase/decrease of production volume)
  • Reliable robot system
  • Flexible integration of additional processes, audit loops, extensions, changes, new programs, etc.
  • Reusable for follow up projects
  • Standard system for customers and projects
  • Cost-effective integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology
Across the industries

VANILLA Transport system beyond E-Mobility

VANILLA Automation is utilizing its core technologies in applications beyond E-Mobility. While developed for the special purpose of requirements in the E-Mobility-production, the VANILLA transport system is also the appropriate transport solution in a couple of applications in the aviation, electronics and consumer goods industry.


R&D and industrialization projects

VANILLA Automation is specialized in the automated production of automotive powertrain parts and modules. Due to several decades of experience in factory automation, we also help our customers with the industrialization and automation concepts beyond automotive powertrain (e.g. fuel cell or battery production). Please get in contact for more information.


Transfer of Business

M&A advisory projects

We provide independent advice to the parties of M&A transactions in the factory automation sector. As M&A advisor we work with both parties, the acquirer and the sell side, and are commissioned by the initiating party with the transaction support and associated tasks. We also help our partners searching for and approaching potential counterparties (acquirers in the case of sell side mandates, targets in the case of buy side mandates), preparing the information memorandum, carrying out the company valuation and a subsequent due diligence. Please get in contact with us for more information.

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